Draper 1917

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The Draper Historical Society encourages the study of Draper History by establishing a public museum, art gallery, library and archives, and to promote the preservation, proper organization and publication of authentic historical records. We also acquire and preserve for the use of the Society and the public, objects and materials that illuminate the history of Draper.
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The Draper Historical Society has many historic books for public sale at the Museum.
People of Draper 1849-1924

The History of Draper - Vol 1
Sivogah to Draper City 1849-1977

The History of Draper - Vol 2
People of Draper

The History of Draper - Vol 3

The following DVD list are live historical interviews with citizens of Draper who may be alive or have passed on. Copies can be purchased at the Draper Historical Society for $5.00.