Orrin Porter Rockwell, the infamous body guard to LDS Prophet’s Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, lived in Draper, Utah?!

“On July 29, 1858, Rockwell counted out $500.00 in cash and purchased 16 acres of property from Evan M. Green at Hot Springs, near the Point of the Mountain, on the road between Great Salt Lake City and Lehi.” Rockwell built the Traveler’s Rest Inn and Tavern [at approximately 15200 South 600 West]. Here, “one could buy a glass of home-brewed beer, stable his horses, stay overnight, or just stop to pass the time.”

Born June 28, 1813 in Belcher, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. His parents were: Orin Rockwell and Sarah Witt Rockwell. He was one of 9 children. He was married four times and fathered 15 children.

A controversial figure for sure, living a life of adventure and intrigue, he possessed fierce fighting and shooting skills that he used against outlaws, indians and opposers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. A member himself, he was fiercely loyal, and a protector to church leaders and members during some of the most difficult years for the saints.

Rockwell died on June 9, 1878 in Salt Lake City, Utah.