The Draper Historical Society makes available for sale the history of Draper by way of books, pictures, periodicals, videos(DVDs), historic publications, some duplicate artifacts, personal stories, etc.


People of Draper
Volume One
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Sivogah to Draper City
Volume Two
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People of Draper
Volume Three
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True To The Faith
W. B. Ennis

Ebenezer Brown
And Descendants

The Faith of Phebe


Park School Mural

This mural was taken down from above the office doorway of the Park School, refurbished and donated to the Corner Canyon High School. Photo copies can be purchased at the Draper Historical Society. 8x10 = $2.00, 11x14 = $5.00.


The following DVD list are live historical interviews with citizens of Draper who may be alive or have passed on. Copies can be purchased at the Draper Historical Society for $5.00.

Allen, Ronald & Rayola Smith
Allen, Andrew Jackson
Anderson, Sander and Lucile
Bagley, Dawin & Deon
Ballard, Clellie
Ballard, Eugene & Margaret
Ballard, Lynn A. & Shirley Hysell
Ballard, Wayne & Alice
Bennison, Ruth & B. Stringfellow
Berrett, H. Ross & Jackie
Bluth, Dewey & Joan
Brooks, Afton Smith & Isabell Smith
Brown, Ebenezer family
Brown, Glen R.
Brown, Robert & Joyce
Carlquist, Richard and Willa
Covington, Anne
Clements, Marjorie
Crossgrove, Hulda
Crossgrove, Ralph & Leah
Danjanovich, Dan and Marion
Dibb, Walter & Mary
Draper Junior High Reunion 1990
Draper Baseball Hx Martindale, Ryan
Draper Hx Committee Mtg.
Day, Harmon E. (updates)
Day, Maysel
Ennis, John and Elisabeth
Enniss, Noel H.
Erickson, Lark & Norma
Fairburn, Clyde & Beth
Fitzgerald, Ferris J. & Norma
Fitzgerald, John W
Fitzgerald, Leland & Helen
Fitzgerald, Ray & Daryle
Fitzgerald, Sherman & Lavonne
Greenwood, Parry & Pauline
Gunnell, Elnora Stringfellow
Hendrickson, Enniss
Hendrickson, Robert & Jean
Hill, Alvin & Gail
Hoffman, Edith
Huff, Clair
Jarvie, Jack & Wanda
Johnson, Paul & Norma
Joosten, Zola
Lewis, Virginia Smith
Lewis, Virginia Amys
Mickelsen, Woodrow S.
Miller, Ruth McGuire
Parkin, Gladys
Rasmussen, Weldon Andrus(Sonnie)
Riska, Roy & Evelyn R. Smith
Roden, George & Regena
Roden, Kenneth
Sadler, Roy & Mary Ellen
Schroeder, Richard S
Sjoblom, Duane & Mary
Sjoblom, Elenor Dow
Smith, Allen P.
Smith, Dan & Hazel
Smith, Byron LaMont & Sue Ann
Smith, Florice
Smith, Harold and Erva Andrus
Smith, Kay & Norma Boulter
Smith, Milton & Roma
Smith, Murray
Smith, Nona Holt
Smith, Ralph & Barbara
Spratt, Katie
Steadman, Bill & Nelda
Stringfellow, Burton
Stringfellow, Vera D. & Charlotte N. Smith
Tanner, Lavon Neff
Terry, Thelma Vanwagner
Toone, Earl
Vawdrey, Harold & Vonna Enniss
Washburn, Louis & Murna Jean
Webb, Arnold & Opal
Westbrook, George L. & Joyce
Williams, Floyd & Margaret
Withers, Calvin & Rathlene
Draper Heritage Banquet Program: Down Memory Lane
This Corner of the Temple 2009
Draper School Jr. High 1997
Old & New Jordan High School Mall
Rockwell - Jordan Narrows