People of Draper 1849-1924 Volume 1

The Draper Historical Committee, organized by the Draper Historical Society in the autumn 1994, began writing a the sesquicentennial history of Draper, scheduled for release in 1999. This special group of volunteers, who will be honored by present and future generations, has skillfully guided publication of Draper history to its present status. A well deserved expression of gratitude and appreciation is extended for the vision and work of the following committee members (listed alphabetically): Majorie Smith Clements, Maurine Stokes Cook, Enid Ennis, Noel H. Enniss, Annie Stokes Fields, Perry Glenn Fitzgerald, Paul J. Smith.

The committee planned to collect individual and family histories that would unfold unique insights into the fabric of Draper and weave them as threads through the history of Draper. Due to the need for cross referencing of families and individual histories with the history of Draper, the committee elected to change the original plan and publish the family and individual histories as Volume One, “People of Draper 1849 - 1924.” The history of Draper, Volume Two, was scheduled for publication during Draper’s sesquicentennial year, 1999.

Due to the overwhelming response of more than four hundred family and individual histories submitted to the committee, the number of histories far exceeded a one book publication. To solve this problem, the committee elected to include only histories prior to and including 1924, a time span of seventy-five years, beginning with the first settler in Draper, or South Willow Creek in 1849, in Volume One. To accommodate those not included in Volume One, and other histories submitted after that volume’s publication, Volume Three, “People of Draper 1849-1932” was published in 2004.